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Floogals (s1 - 3)

The adventures of three little aliens who, after arriving on Earth, move in with a family in order to learn about human interactions while staying hidden.
Nevision / Universal Kids
Animated series
Release Date
Oct 2018
Denis Jose Francois
JFP Producer
Steven Dorrance / Iraz Sanders
JFP Director
Shynola / Ruth Ducker

Jellyfish Pictures produced three series of this award‑winning hybrid show, totalling 130 episodes.

The team shot the ‘hooman’ world in live‑action with the characters lit and rendered photo‑realistically and then meticulously comped into each backplate. Great care was taken on set to record accurate scene data through HDRI information, proxies geometry and scale references using tiny 3D printed models of the Floogals themselves.