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Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! (s1 - 2)

Dennis, Gnasher and their irrepressible friends Rubi, JJ, Pieface and his pet potato Paul cook up crazy plans, get in all sorts of scrapes and take on every challenge, no matter how big.
Beano / CBBC
Animated series
Release Date
Jul 2020
Denis-Jose Francois
JFP Producer
Nathalie Le Berre / Iraz Sanders
JFP Director
Kitty Taylor

Jellyfish Pictures worked on over 8000 shots for both series 1 (50 episodes) and series 2 (52 episodes) of the Beano / CBBC animation.

The team were at the forefront of all aspects of the animation; production, design, storyboarding, direction and animation, plus the visual development and creation of the opening title sequence for the first series.