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How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Hiccup and Toothless reunite to remind both their kinds of the inseparable bond between vikings and dragons.
DreamWorks Animation
TV Movie
Release Date
Dec 2019
Manuel Reyes Halaby
JFP Producer
Amber Ducker
JFP Director
Luca Mazzoleni

Jellyfish Pictures worked closely with Hollywood Animation studio, DreamWorks on this popular holiday special. The team were tasked with bringing the iconic characters and environments into the Jellyfish pipeline in order to match the look and feel of the existing animated feature franchise.

The team’s work was shortlisted for 3 Annie Awards (‘Best Special Production’, ‘Best FX for TV/Media’ and ‘Best Character Animation'), winning for ‘Best Special Production’. This was an aspirational project for our artists, working with the studio who produced many of the films that fuelled their passion to work in animation.